Support Type

Weekday Core Support
Saturday Core Support
Sunday Core Support
Evening Support
Night Shift
Public Holiday
CB Social
CB Employment
Transport (standard vehicle)
Transport (wheelchair vehicle)

Bluemates Rate

$1.00 per KM
$2.50 per KM

Blumates Staff Paid

$0.92 per KM
  1. Support weekday between 6am and 8pm.
  2. Any weekday support which includes any time between 8pm and 12am.
  3. Support worker required for assistance, can sleep during night.
  4. Support with any time provided between 12am – 6am.
  5. Any time on Saturday.
  6. Any time on Sunday.
  7. Only available Monday – Friday (6am – 8pm)

    ‘Staff Paid’ is casual staff hourly rate, including First Aid Allowance of $0.45 – excluding superannuation contributions


Bluemates’ fees for disability support services are transparent and accessible to everyone.

Comparatively, Bluemates offers support workers payment that exceeds online support platforms by over 10% and other local disability support providers by nearly 20%. As a result, a greater portion of your NDIS budget is allocated directly to your support worker.

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